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SY-WCVHSLR-BR Side 1 Small


Rustic Epicurean Shiplap Chimney Range Hood

SY-WCVHSLR-36 | 42-1/2"(h) x 38-1/16"(w) x 20-7/8" (d) | Liners: SY-HLB-36 and SY-HLZ-36

SY-WCVHSLR-42 | 42-1/2"(h) x 44-1/6"(w) x 20-7/8" (d) | Liners: SY-HLB-42 and SY-HLZ-42

SY-WCVHSLR-48 | 42-1/2"(h) x 50-1/16"(w) x 20-7/8" (d) | Liners: SY-HLB-48 and SY-HLZ-48

Available with Removable Access Panel

Species: Weathered Spruce

Finish: Black, Brown, Dark Gray, Light Gray, White and White Wash

NOTE: Finish is a Sherwin-Williams water based stain.

The finish depicted in this photo is a close approximation of the actual color but is not guaranteed to match the finished product exactly.


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