Explore our application gallery to see how our customers use our products. AMS offers quality products used in cabinet and furniture manufacturing.

AMS27 Classic Pull application
AMS26 Classic Satin Nickel Knob applcation
AMS24 Classic Knob application
AMS24 Classic Knob application 2
AMS19 Knob application
AMS19 Contemporary Knob application 2
AMS16 pull application
AMS16 Contemporary Pull detail
AMS10 Classic Rope Pull application 2
AMS11 Knob and Bail Pull application
AMS11 Bail Pull application
AMS16 Contemporary Pull application 2
AMS16 Contemporary Pull applcation
AMS11 BC Bail pull application
49096 Classic Wheat Medallion application
AMS 1PB Classic Pull
48129 Classic Louis Phillipe Pull Application
48095 Classic Wheat Pull application
48128 Classic Pull application 3
48128 Classic Pull application
40677 Classic Knob application
44313 Classic Thumb Pull application
45375 Contemporary Pull application
40698 Classic Beaded Knob with 49277 Medallion
45353 Contemporary Square Knob application
40698 Classic Beaded Knob application
40157 Classic Knob application
26536 Crystal Knob application
40669 and 26120 Knob applications
40677 Classic Knob application 2
40210 knob application
40221 Classic Knob application
26120 Contemporary Butterfly Knob
26026 Contemporary Deco Knob application
26026 Contemporary Deco Knob detail
26120 Contemporary Butterfly Knob application
24365 knob application
26026 Contemporary Deco Knob application 2

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